Home for the Holidays by Ashleigh Lyons

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“I belong to Ryan James. I belong with Ryan James.
But if we were truly fated, why would things be so complicated?”

Kyle Peterson is an Omega from a small town, just trying to make a life for himself in the big city. Although, so far, it’s been a total disaster. Kyle’s romantic life is in shambles and he still hasn’t gotten that big promotion at work. The only shining light in his life is Adrian, Kyle’s childhood BFF.

Ryan James is an Alpha from the big city, who’s currently living the small-town life in Beckinsdale. Ryan came to Beckinsdale after his life completely fell apart, with his business crumbling and his ex-boyfriend dumping him soon after. He now spends his days working alongside Adrian, at the small town’s only coffee shop. When Kyle comes home for the holidays, he doesn’t expect to find himself falling so hard for a stranger he meets at a Halloween party. Ryan finds himself falling just as hard for Kyle, too, and they both start to wonder if they’re fated to be together…

But there’s a huge problem standing in their way:

Adrian has had feelings for Ryan ever since the Alpha first came to town, and Kyle can’t stop feeling guilty about falling in love with his best friend’s crush. Will Kyle really be able to choose between his best friend or his Alpha? Or is this fated pair just not meant to be?

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