His Love: Prologue / Extras by Bella B. Wilde

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I feel so out of my comfort zone. I only started working here a few months ago.
A NYE office part is not the place to get drunk.
So what do I do? Get drunk, because I’m that damn nervous.
My boss is keeping me company, but I know it’s only out of pity.
I just hope I don’t do something I regret…

Zoe is one in a million, and I’m proud to have her on my arm tonight.
She looks gorgeous, but I know she feels out of place here.
It’s the perfect night to make a move, but I don’t want to scare her off.
She’s the first girl to ever have me feeling like this.
So I hope she doesn’t regret this in the morning…

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Table of Content

  • 1. 1 | Zoe
  • 2. 2 | Blake
  • 3. 3 | Zoe
  • 4. 4 | Blake
  • 5. Enjoy That?
  • 6. Before You Go...
  • 7. Also by Bella B. Wilde
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