His Love by Bella B. Wilde

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I’ve worked for Blake Argent for five years, and he’s never shown any sort of attraction towards me.
Which is why it comes as such a shock when he suddenly asks me out on a date.
My boss is a workaholic, a charmer, and a man who always gets what he wants.
Turns out what he wants is to win a stupid bet.
I’ve been in love with him since the day I met him.
So going along with this might get my heart broken.
Or it might be the chance to finally show Blake that his love is all I crave.


I win. I always win – in business, in life, in love. When I set my mind to it, I don’t stop until I get it.
Everyone thinks I’m too closed off for a real relationship, that I never let anyone get close.
I know that’s not true – Zoe knows me better than anyone, but I can’t drag her down with me.
But when a friend bets me that I can’t bag a real date by Friday night, there’s only one option.
I ask Zoe out. She accepts. It’s just for one night.
But could one night be all it takes to uncover feelings that have been there all along?
Or am I risking the only person in my life that I can rely on?

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Table of Content

  • 1. 1 | Blake
  • 2. 2 | Zoe
  • 3. 3 | Blake
  • 4. 4 | Zoe
  • 5. 5 | Blake
  • 6. 6 | Zoe
  • 7. 7 | Blake
  • 8. 8 | Zoe
  • 9. 9 | Blake
  • 10. 10 | Zoe
  • 11. Friday Night | Blake
  • 12. One Year Later | Zoe
  • 13. Before You Go...
  • 14. Also by Bella B. Wilde
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