Highlander’s Wrath by Adamina Young

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Can the love of a lass end a blood feud?

Coira McDonald does not hide her love for books, receiving contempt from most men as they find her quite odd. Her biggest aspiration is to become a home tutor for a little boy or girl, and she is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. However, her chance to leave her home and make her dream a reality comes in a most unexpected way.

The infamous Laird Hamish Barclay needs a governess who will spend a lot of time with his rascal child, and he asks for the help of James McDonald, Coira’s father. Without a second thought, Coira tries to convince her father to let her go to the Highlands to help Laird Hamish, hoping that she will be able to act more like a tutor than a governess.
With her father’s approval, Coira begins for the Highlands, thinking that she is prepared to face the fearsome Laird. However, she soon realizes that the rumors about Laird Hamish were an understatement; the lass has never seen a man so quick to anger and able to instill fear into the hearts of his men with one command.

The worst part is that Hamish’s father was just like him, and it would take a miracle for his young son, who she is trying to teach, to escape from this vicious cycle of wrath. And to save the child, she must first try to understand his monstrous father’s soul.

Surprisingly, Coira’s influence will make Hamish reveal a more gracious side of his character for the first time in years. Yet, this moment of generosity will make Hamish’s biggest nightmare take flesh, and Coira will be blamed for it! While trying to change the brute, the lass turned him into an erupting volcano, and the Laird is about to continue the cycle of retaliatory violence that put him in this path…

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Get your Free book
  • 4. Highlands’ Deadly Sins
  • 5. Prologue
  • 6. 1. Instruction is Important
  • 7. 2. Barclay Castle
  • 8. 3. The Perfect Solution
  • 9. 4. A Goodly Suggestion When ‘Tis Given Full Credence
  • 10. 5. All Have Two Faces
  • 11. 6. The Facade Crumbles
  • 12. 7. Arrival at Barclay Castle
  • 13. 8. ‘Tis Best to Tire Him Out
  • 14. 9. This Strange Feeling
  • 15. 10. Falling Deeper
  • 16. 11. Awaking to War
  • 17. 12. Held Hostage
  • 18. 13. Things Other Than Wounds Can Fester
  • 19. 14. Too Late to Make Amends
  • 20. 15. Disaster Strikes
  • 21. 16. Consequences
  • 22. 17. Rescue
  • 23. 18. Surrender
  • 24. 19. Reconciliation
  • 25. 20. Feasting and Family
  • 26. Afterword
  • 27. Highlands’ Deadly Sins
  • 28. Highlander’s Cursed Moon
  • 29. Prologue
  • 30. Chapter 1
  • 31. Also by the author
  • 32. Get your Free book
  • 33. Copyright

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