Highland Yule by Sky Purington


A bittersweet medieval Scottish romance about second chances…
Following a trail of mysterious letters left by her deceased betrothed, Rona joins his brother on an emotional yuletide journey to uncover the truth. Can they reach a place of forgiveness and reignite their long lost love? Or are some wounds too deep to ever heal?

PLEASE NOTE: Originally released in Once Upon a Christmas Wedding box set, Highland Yule is a historical romance set in fourteenth century Scotland. This story introduces the setting and several secondary characters for Sky’s upcoming Highlander’s Pact series slated to be released summer of 2020. It also includes characters and settings from her ongoing MacLomain Series. For avid fans, please keep in mind there are no elements of time-travel, fantasy, or paranormal in this tale.

  • File Name:highland-yule-by-sky-purington.epub
  • Original Title:Highland Yule: A MacLomain and MacLauchlin Hogmanay Tale
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  • Language:en
  • Identifier:1832678235
  • Publisher:Sky Purington
  • Date:2020-01-25
  • Subject:sky purington,medieval romance,holiday romance,scottish romance,highland romance,highlander romance
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Table of Content

  • 1. About the Book
  • 2. Prologue
  • 3. Chapter One
  • 4. Chapter Two
  • 5. Chapter Three
  • 6. Chapter Four
  • 7. Chapter Five
  • 8. Chapter Six
  • 9. Chapter Seven
  • 10. Chapter Eight
  • 11. Chapter Nine
  • 12. Chapter Ten
  • 13. Chapter Eleven
  • 14. Chapter Twelve
  • 15. Chapter Thirteen
  • 16. Just Curious?
  • 17. Exclusive Invitation
  • 18. The MacLomain Series: End of an Era
  • 19. Highlander’s Pact
  • 20. Previous Releases-Best Reading Order
  • 21. Family Trees
  • 22. About the Author
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