Her Reformed Rake by Scarlett Scott

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Rescued by ruin
American heiress Daisy Vanreid is desperate to avoid marriage to the aging aristocrat her abusive father chose for her. She’ll do anything, even entrap the notorious Duke of Trent into marriage, to escape her fate. Losing her heart to her handsome husband after the wedding isn’t part of the plan.

Nothing is as it seems
An elite spy, Sebastian, the Duke of Trent, is on a mission to unravel bomb plots in England’s cities. Forced to wed Daisy as part of his cover, he has no intention of falling in love with a woman suspected of treason. But he’s drawn to the feisty beauty he married, and he can’t deny the way she makes him feel, even though he knows she could be the enemy he seeks.

Duty versus love
As danger strikes, Sebastian must choose between Daisy and his loyalty to the Crown. And when Daisy discovers the truth at last, will she ever forgive him?

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Kiley O
Kiley O

Her Reformed Rake, Book 3 of the Wicked Husbands series, was about American heiress Miss Daisy Vanreid, daughter of the Dutch-Irish-American shipping magnate, Mr. James Vanreid, and His Grace Sebastian Fairmont, the Duke of Trent. In order to avoid an arranged marriage, Daisy was determined to either put herself in a compromising situation by a man, any man, other than the one her father expected her to wed, or to create a scandal so heinous no one would want her. Sebastian, being a spy for the Crown, was assigned to determine whether or not Daisy was in on a plot to blow up certain places in and around England. Following her for more than a month, and finding nothing to implicate her, his handler told him his only other recourse was to compromise her and for her into a marriage in order to get closer to her father, who was also a suspect. From their very first meeting at a ball, the attraction and chemistry between them were off the chart, but after they were married, the passion was volcanic. Then he disappeared and she didn't know what to do. After Sebastian had been gone for several months without any contact with Daisy to let her know what had happened, Daisy was determined to bring him home in any manner necessary, but when he finally returned, all hell broke loose. So many people had tried their damnedest to convince Sebastian that Daisy was a traitor that he'd finally succumbed to their words. The two main characters were so well developed and fleshed out that they almost seemed real. The storyline and plot were both written in a manner that kept the reader glued to the pages, rooting for the Hero and Heroine and cursing those who opposed their match or sought to harm them. The only issue I found with it was that, though many maligned Daisy to Sebastian, none offered her an apology in any way when they realized her true nature wasn't what they had thought or accused. Those who had never even met her, yet accused her falsely to Sebastian, never sought her out to beg her pardon. This was a tremendous letdown. However, so far this was the best book in the series.

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