Her Maine Distraction by Rebecca Gannon

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After catching her boyfriend with another woman, Ellie Harris’s life is turned upside down. She’s left with no home, no job, and nowhere to go. Not knowing what else to do, she flees to Pine Cove, Maine, needing a weekend away with her best friends.

It’s there in that small coastal town that her friends have all found their happiness, and she could use a little of that for herself. And while a new man is the last thing she needs in her life, Tyler Taylor isn’t a man easily ignored.

As the town’s most eligible firefighter, Tyler is used to having women fall at his feet with just a single look and a flash of his dimples. But Ellie isn’t every woman. So, when she utters that little two letter word he so rarely hears, it only makes him want her more, and if she’ll give him just five minutes, he’s sure to convince her that he’s just what she needs – the perfect distraction.

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