Her Father’s Sins by K.J. Dahlen


The Much Awaited Story of Bastian & Sawyer…

Three Months ago, Sawyer was taken from her family. The man called The Priest had captured her, to extract information she didn’t even know she had. Instead of fear, she fell in love with him, despite never knowing what he looked like. Now, she yearns to see him again, even if her family believes him to be evil and a killer.

Bastian, known only as The Priest had watched over Sawyer for many years and when he was ordered to take her, he never intended to hurt her. Instead, he fell in love with the young, innocent woman who held the key to his cold heart. He also had known he would have to let her go.
When someone hurts her and takes her for revenge against her father, Bastian rages, and vows to kill these men.

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