Hell’s Wedding Bells by Annabelle Anders

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JILTED by one future duke, Lila has no choice but to wed another. She will marry the man, escape from her father’s clutches and free her sister as well. Her groom is simply the means to an end, that is, until he becomes so much more.

FORCED to honor his dead brother’s debts, Vincent Saint-Pierre, the Duke of Pemberth, travels to Lord Quimbly’s estate to shackle himself to the Earl’s oldest daughter. Taking a wife is the last thing he wants or needs, and yet, his unlikely bride threatens to capture his heart.

GOODNESS and pleasure sow seeds of affection, but weeds of the past threaten to strangle the newlywed’s love. Can Vincent and Lila avoid deadly thorns, or will their love be poisoned before joy can blossom?

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Table of Content

  • 2. Title Page
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. Note
  • 5. Dedication
  • 6. Contents
  • 7. Chapter 1
  • 8. Chapter 2
  • 9. Chapter 3
  • 10. Chapter 4
  • 11. Chapter 5
  • 12. Chapter 6
  • 13. Chapter 7
  • 14. Chapter 8
  • 15. Chapter 9
  • 16. Chapter 10
  • 17. Chapter 11
  • 18. Chapter 12
  • 19. Epilogue
  • 21. Other Regency Romances by Annabelle Anders
  • 22. About the Author

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Kiley O
Kiley O

Before I get to the review, I'd like to give the readers a head's up that you will find this book as the first book of an anthology called "Once Upon a Christmas Wedding by Scarlett Scott". If you find it there first, it will throw you off when you see it here afterward because the anthology doesn't warn you that this book comes in the middle of a series. If you read the anthology first, it will cause a bit of confusion until you read the first three books of the series, which explains a LOT about what occurs in this book...and why.
From the previous book, the reader learned all manner of things about Lila's horrible father like how devious the man was. Neither Lila's mother, her sister nor Lila herself was introduced fully until this book. I only a few quibbles with the characters was that first and for most of the book, Lila's sister was called Arianna, but at the end, her name was Adrianna. Another is that, at one point, Lila's former betrothed, Marcus, was repeatedly called Marcus Richards, but in the previous book he was called Marcus Roberts. Odd, that, eh? There were few characters in this book though, most rarely mentioned. It was, unusually, about the two main characters. While there was angst and a tad bit of hostility between the two main characters at first, the chemistry and passion slowly built up. There was more drama and intrigue than anything, but the romance was in evidence. Oh but the pain of harsh words spoken in anger. They do cause the heart to break, don't they? There were many harsh words spoken in this book, and they produced great fear, heartache, and the desire for forgiveness when the realization of wronging another person becomes apparent. There were some wonderfully unusual twists and turns at the end that most readers might find intriguing and unexpected. This book definitely earned the Keeper for the Shelves award.

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