Heart of Sin by Nicola Jane


When Alivia Caldwell steps in to Glamour Cosmetics for a job interview with Jenifer Bradley, she naively accepts a different kind of offer. Jenifer sees something in Alivia and persuades her to go and work at The Luxe for her son Vass Fletcher. Alivia thinks she’s there to market the private club, when in actual fact, Vass needs so much more from her.

Vass Fletcher, famous for his laddish behaviour about the town and listed as one of the most eligible bachelors in London, shows Alivia into his world thinking that it will scare her away and get his mother off his back. Instead, it lures Alivia in deeper until neither of them can find a way back out.

Consumed by their desire to each other and the urge to fight or flight they unknowingly embark on a journey that neither are prepared for.
Does Alivia want to tame the great Vass Fletcher and curb his addictive tendencies, and when she finds her self so deep into his world, will she have a choice?

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Book Sucks
Book Sucks · 4 months ago

Honestly the book sucks. Heroine forgives hero WAY TOO EASILY. LIKE OMGGG

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