He Loves Me Not by Shyla Colt

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When best friend’s Petunia and Mason find themselves in a bind, marriage seems like the perfect solution. There’s a list they need to follow to make the contract marriage believable.
Step 1: Pitch the deal &Tell the Folks
Step 2: Be seen out and about together
Step 3: Date, Date & Date some more
Step 4: Your Place or Mine? ( Move in together)
Step 5: The Proposal
Step Six: Fulfill the contract
Warning: Do not Fall in love
They broke the number one rule, don’t fall in love. Now hearts may soon follow.

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Table of Content

  • 1. He Loves me Not
  • 2. Step one: Pitch the Deal & Tell the Folks
  • 3. Step Two: Be seen out and about together.
  • 4. Step Three: Date and Date and Date some more.
  • 5. Step Four: Your Place or mine?
  • 6. Step 5: The Proposal
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