Hard to Hold by Kate Allenton

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Nina Bennett
When I sense someone in trouble, I’m the first to volunteer my help.
My premonitions give me an edge, but don’t always warn me when trouble is headed my way.
It’s hard to be a savior when you’re the one who needs help.
And when Harlon Simmons barrels into my life, trouble stared me straight in the eyes and laughed. The man needs my help, and won’t take no for an answer.

Harlon Simmons
I scoffed when a psychic friend claimed I needed help from a woman I’d save in the woods. But Nina Bennett, my damsel in distress, has a track record of her premonitions coming true.
Convincing her to help save my sister should have been easy…after all, Nina admitted I was the man who’d starred in her dreams. But dreams aren’t real life, and I didn’t have time to play the role of Prince Charming.
Together, we try to invoke her premonitions, but the result is…unexpected. She is knocked unconscious, leaving me with no option but to kidnap her and ask for forgiveness later.
Someone is trying to kill Harlon’s loved ones and time is running out.

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