Good Girl by Brill Harper

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Virginia Constance Kramer is a good girl. Until she meets the man that makes her want to be bad…

He’s got a record; she’s never been so much as grounded.

His old man is a convict; her dad is the police sergeant.

He’s seen too much darkness; she can barely see out of the stained-glass curtain the world wants her to hide behind.

She’s willing to fight her parents, the town, and the whole world if she has to, but first she has to get past the wall Joe Franklin has built around his heart. He thinks she’s too good, too sweet, too pure for a man like him.

She thinks being good is overrated.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. Good Girl
  • 4. About this Book
  • 5. ONE
  • 6. TWO
  • 7. THREE
  • 8. FOUR
  • 9. FIVE
  • 10. SIX
  • 11. SEVEN
  • 12. EIGHT
  • 13. NINE
  • 14. TEN
  • 15. ELEVEN
  • 16. TWELVE
  • 17. THIRTEEN
  • 18. EPILOGUE
  • 19. Further Reading: Blue Collar Bad Boys: Books 1-4
  • 20. Also By Brill Harper
  • 21. About the Author
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JL Reader
JL Reader

No thank you

Reply8 days ago
    Gail M.
    Gail M.

    I loved this book! I was either on the verge of tears or crying for the first It's sweet and hot! 😁 Give it a read! Well worth it!

    Reply2 months ago
      Ice Age
      Ice Age

      Sweet and Sexy with all the ingridients essential for a superbly written ,HEA,Love Novella! Brill Harper is a fantastic new author i Have found can't wait for her other books!!looking for Nailed it !!

      Replya year ago