Going Down by Ally Crew

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♥ Facing off with the billionaire who’s come into her town and started to steal her business, isn’t her biggest issue. Falling for his smooth talk, smooth hands, and smooth moves is. ♥

My life is good. I love my job, my town, and my simple life. But lately, I’m missing something.
When an out-of-towner decides to open a chain of coffeeshops and more businesses in my town-one my family built from the ground up-I’m not going to let him get away with ruining our future.
Cash Drexel is tall, confident, and I can tell. he knows how to treat a woman right, even if I swear I don’t like his advances and brazen ways.
Will getting stuck in an elevator turn out to be the best hour of my life?

My position demands I never let my guard down. I’m on all the time. But my company provides a good life for so many that it’s worth not having a personal life.
It’s my dream. Until I see her. Then she’s my new and better dream.
The Stone family’s got a legacy here and I know I’m in for a wonderful ride when the spunky. blonde marches into my office and makes my heart race and my body take notice.
Stella’s more confident, more sassy, and more voluptuous than a dozen women, and I’m ready to make all that sass mine.
But can I get her to believe that I’m not the enemy or will we be going down before we ever start?

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Table of Content

  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. GOING DOWN- Instalove Hearts Book 4
  • 5. 1. Stella
  • 6. 2. Cash
  • 7. 3. Stella
  • 8. 4. Cash
  • 9. 5. Stella
  • 10. 6. Cash
  • 11. 7. Stella
  • 12. 8. Cash
  • 13. 9. Stella
  • 14. EPILOGUE
  • 15. Apple Pie in a Mug Recipe
  • 16. Sneak Peek of EXTRA HOT- Instalove Hearts 1
    • 1. Callie
  • 17. Also by Ally Crew
  • 18. Also by Brynn Hale
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