Glass Houses by Lux Miller

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My fairy tale is crumbling around me. My husband is abusive and controlling. My job is going nowhere fast. And my dreams were shattered by one grumpy animal. So when the brooding MMA fighter shows an interest in rescuing me from my personal hell, what do I have to lose? Except my marriage, my home, my job and my reputation as a sane person? Absolutely nothing…

I grew up on the wrong side of town with the wrong color skin and learning to fight ensured my survival. Now, the very thing that saved me threatens to destroy me as I get devastating news. When the beautiful cocktail waitress with sadness written all over her face ends up on my radar, I decide that my final act as a world-class MMA fighter will be to save her… but the real question is – who is saving who?

Trigger warning: Please note that there is a scene which may make survivors of sexual assault uncomfortable. Proceed with caution or skip the first chapter. Everything between the main character and the heroine is fully consensual and there is a guaranteed HEA.

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