Garkain by Anna J. Walner

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Amelia was dropped at a hospital in Houston 25 years ago. After searching for her biological family for years she receives a vague text: “It’s time for you to come home, we need you, the Colony needs you.”

The Colony is a secret society in the Outback of Australia, driven from Europe in 1788 to the prison colony of New Holland to begin anew. Her mother is Garkain, her father Larougo. Two different bloodlines, two different societies. One Vampire, one Werewolf. Given away instead of killed, she’s being called home for a purpose.

She’ll agree to things she thought she never would, become things she never thought existed, and agree to a bargain that will change the Colony forever.

The vampire rule book has changed in this imaginative series that defies expectations. Blending worlds together as a delicious escape in a new and unique way.

Welcome to your new obsession.

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Jules Silva
Jules Silva

Book 2 please: Larougo

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