From Rags to Kisses by Shana Galen

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She’s poor as a church mouse.
When young Jenny Tate stumbles over the beaten body of a boy in the streets of the London slums, her only intention is to rifle through his pockets. But the bruised lad charms her into helping him, and the next thing she knows, Aidan Sterling and she are fast friends, navigating life on the streets with all its dangers together. Jenny has learned never to trust or love anyone, but as the two grow up, they learn to rely on other. And then Aidan betrays her in the worst way possible.

He’s rich as a king.
Aidan Sterling is one of the richest men in England. He has everything he wants and no one to share it with. After risking his life in the army, he returned to England and made a fortune. Now he keeps his loneliness at bay by focusing on what he’s good at—making money. And then Jenny Tate steps unexpectedly back into his life. He’s never forgotten her and never stopped loving her. Jenny hasn’t forgotten him either, and she hasn’t forgiven him. She’s betrothed to a viscount and has a new life and wants nothing to do with Aidan. But the discovery of an ancient trunk, a hunt for a street urchin, and the interference of homing pigeons might just be enough to bring these two back together.

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  • Original Title:From Rags to Kisses (The Survivors, #11)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. Dedication and Acknowledgments
  • 4. Part One
  • 5. I
  • 6. II
  • 7. III
  • 8. IV
  • 9. V
  • 10. Part II
  • 11. One
  • 12. Two
  • 13. Three
  • 14. Four
  • 15. Five
  • 16. Six
  • 17. Seven
  • 18. Eight
  • 19. Nine
  • 20. Ten
  • 21. Eleven
  • 22. Twelve
  • 23. Thirteen
  • 24. Fourteen
  • 25. Fifteen
  • 26. Sixteen
  • 27. Epilogue
  • 28. About Shana Galen
  • 29. Want more Aidan and the other Survivors? Keep reading for an excerpt from Her Royal Payne, Rowden’s story, on sale now!
  • 30. Also by Shana Galen

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