Fractured by Bella Knight

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“Exceptional. That’s how you describe the blessing of a beautiful, balanced, well-meaning life.” – Unknown.
So, what should you choose? There are so many things, really. And it’s all a matter of perspective. Of “yes,” or “no,” happy or sad, angry or humble. And the choices; do they come from one’s heart, or from the ego? It’s apparent that the duality goes on, throughout one’s life. And that perspective is seen through the lenses of whoever is peering into life, and from the definition of their own, unfolding story.
When Wraith’s family and friends deal with the aftermath of a deliberate attempt on her life, reality sets in. Heavily. The people closest start realizing just how precious life really is. As usual, The Nighthawks choose each other (and their families) to gain insight and strength, through both bonding and friendship. Being supportive, loving, honest, and real with one another are the only truths they know. It’s a pity the rest of the world doesn’t live by the same Code.
The Soldier Pack, Owl Pack, Wolfpack, and the favorites. They all thrive in the business of living their lives, together, and in their much-needed privacy. Bao and Nico tie the knot, and the gift of life is given again to another family. Much more begins to keep and connect them all –especially when unconditional love thrives. But how will they cope with the realities of life; work, family, and the exhaustion that follows? They’ll need the strength of a tribe, or many who are willing. And so, theyutilize it, in every way, shape, and form. And so, everything becomes possible.
Another wise man once said, “There is strength in numbers, and strength always follows the brave.”

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Table of Content

  • 1. Book 9
  • 2. Recap from Book 8
  • 3. In Pieces
  • 4. Wolf Time
  • 5. Lonely Ride
  • 6. Honeymoon
  • 7. Separation
  • 8. Afterword
  • 9. About the Author
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