Flight: The Roc Warriors by Sarah Zolton Arthur

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Even seeing doesn’t mean believing, though the pull she feels toward one of them can’t be denied. And that’s almost scarier.
Meena Anthony is volcanic researcher sent on location to the Canadian Rockies to find out why a once classified dormant volcano started giving off some pretty disturbing readings. While doing her research she finds out that her problems are bigger than a rumbling mountain. Meena finds herself in the middle of a war with creatures she never even knew existed. Bird shifters? Wolf shifters? What the hell is going on here?
When she meets Shadow of the Roc, an eagle-shifter claiming to be her destined mate, things take a turn for the weirder as she certainly doesn’t expect him to be something other than human. If that’s not bad enough, their pairing has tensions rising among other immortals leading to crumbling treaties with the wolves and mounting aggression from the ravens.
Fate, however, isn’t done with them. From those stirring volcanoes to quakes, tsunamis and wildfires. At the rate the world is falling apart, no one will survive.

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