Fire and Rain by Tiana Laveen

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Aries ‘Flame’ Creed is not the kind of man you want to cross. He’s rough around the edges, revenge-seeking, shrewd and nobody’s pushover. After living through a checkered past and a nasty divorce, single fatherhood and a successful motorcycle sales and repair shop in Atlanta, GA keep him on his toes.

Things are finally looking up until, one day, he learns his wealthy, estranged father has passed away and left him his entire estate. One such asset is a historic building in a prime part of town.

Lauren McKinley loves vintage cars, healing crystals, strong coffee, and dirty books. She owns the ‘Kindred Spirits,’ bookstore in Atlanta, her pride and joy for years. Widowed and definitely not looking, she’s convinced herself that she’s content, and doing her best to look on the bright side of life. That is, until her business is jeopardized by a devil with haunting amber eyes, more ink on his body than on a world map, and a seasoned professional in the art of intimidation.

All hell breaks loose, perhaps for reasons that neither fully acknowledge until their backs are up against the bookshelf walls. Chemistry ignites, and Aries and Lauren turn from enemies to friends, and then lovers…

This is a tale of broken hearts, awakenings, and two searing souls coming together and healing as one.
Can Aries sort through his pain and anger at the world to give love another try? Can Lauren admit some harsh truths and trust her own heart this second time around?

This book contains adult content. Readers be advised.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. About this Book
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. Warning
  • 5. Dedication
  • 6. Table of Contents
  • 7. Love Letter to my Readers
  • 8. Chapter One
  • 9. Chapter Two
  • 10. Chapter Three
  • 11. Chapter Four
  • 12. Chapter Five
  • 13. Chapter Six
  • 14. Chapter Seven
  • 15. Chapter Eight
  • 16. Chapter Nine
  • 17. Chapter Ten
  • 18. Chapter Eleven
  • 19. Chapter Twelve
  • 20. Chapter Thirteen
  • 21. Chapter Fourteen
  • 22. Chapter Fifteen
  • 23. Chapter Sixteen
  • 24. Chapter Seventeen
  • 25. Chapter Eighteen
  • 26. Chapter Nineteen
  • 27. Chapter Twenty
  • 28. Chapter Twenty-One
  • 29. Chapter Twenty-Two
  • 30. Music Directory
  • 31. About the Author
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Pragmatic Ebooks
Pragmatic Ebooks

This book was soooo good! Uncle Huggie was a mess.

Replya month ago
    Pragmatic Ebooks
    Pragmatic Ebooks

    Yeah. Stories good. However, what's with this new move to have brown skin people turning "red"? What are we doing? living in denial? Black people "flush" when they "blush". I'm proud of me. Let's keep it real.

    Replya month ago