Finding His Shooting Star by Ember Davis

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You know those existential crisis moments? The ones where you want to reach out, but aren’t sure that you’ll be able to hold on when you grasp? It was like that. I was like that. Trying to keep it all together and focus on the way our futures were changing without running away like my life was a fun house mirror attraction.Then I heard her voice and I knew. She is mine.But a voice on a video that doesn’t show a damn thing is not a great lead.I’ve got to find her and then hope that she’s ready for me.

I never wanted to be noticed. I never wanted the limelight. I never even wanted much excitement from my life. All I really want is for people to stick around. That isn’t too much to ask, right?When my friend records and posts a video of me singing, I really thought I would be able to keep my head down and continue to live my life as I had been. The video didn’t show me anyway, just the dark café that I manage. I figured I was safe.I had three days of denial and then Booker comes bulldozing his way into my life. He says that he fell for my voice the moment he heard it. Stuff like that doesn’t happen to me, but I can’t deny the honesty in his eyes.Now, I guess all I can do is hold on and hope that the demons and fears from our pasts can yield to our future.

Who doesn’t want a hot rock star chasing after them?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Table of Contents
  • 2. CHAPTER 1
  • 3. CHAPTER 2
  • 4. CHAPTER 3
  • 5. CHAPTER 4
  • 6. CHAPTER 5
  • 7. CHAPTER 6
  • 8. CHAPTER 7
  • 9. CHAPTER 8
  • 10. CHAPTER 9
  • 11. CHAPTER 10
  • 12. CHAPTER 11
  • 13. CHAPTER 12
  • 14. CHAPTER 13
  • 15. CHAPTER 14
  • 16. CHAPTER 15
  • 17. CHAPTER 16
  • 18. EPILOGUE

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