Eyeliner and Lace by Ruby Moone

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The day Ryan Fulton realises he’s in love with Jamie Holt is the day he knows he’s losing him. With blue-tinted white blond hair, eyeliner, and a personality to match, Ryan knows he’s a bit much. But can he change? Can he tone it down and, if he does, can he live like that? He’d never suspect Jamie of cheating, but maybe his closeted boyfriend decided flamboyant Ryan wasn’t worth the effort.

But Ryan isn’t going to take it lying down. Determined to win Jamie back, Ryan even decides to get rid of the black and blue lace undies he just bought.

Then Jamie comes home and says they need to talk.

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Hyukjerry Lee
Hyukjerry Lee

Wow.. i felt the emotion there... evdn though it is short.. but great

Reply12 days ago