Everything In Between by Michele Notaro

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Oh God, here he comes now. Okay, he actually greeted me. Now I need to say something… anything. Run down my internal checklist—Step One: wipe drool from mouth; I wiped my mouth; check. Step Two: open mouth and speak; say something… come on, anything… nope, I got nothing. Step Three: refer to Step One and repeat.

Sigh. This gorgeous man now thinks I’m a moron.

Of course, I know that my secret—okay, not so secret—crush, Reese Willoughby, could never have any interest in me anyway. There’s just no way that he hasn’t noticed me openly ogling him at work. I know everyone else in the office has surely seen it.

When Reese finally asks for my help with a work project, I can’t help but feel over the moon. Now I can only hope that he notices just how much I like him, because there is no way I’m about to make the first move.

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