Everybody Breaks by Kerry Taylor

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Trigger Warning – This is a dark story which contains content relating to, or references to violence, physical, mental and sexual abuse and kidnapping.

Emilia Gallo knows darkness. She has been abused and controlled by it for her entire life.
Trapped in the clutches of an evil, criminal stepfather, with only her selfish, weak mother on her side she is alone and constantly afraid of what each new horror-filled day will bring. She has learnt from a young age to survive in this hellish existence, but when her stepfather lands the ultimate blow – selling her to the Albanian Mafia – she knows it’s only a matter of time before her monsters truly win the battle she has spent her whole life fighting, and break her.
But an unexpected opportunity for escape gives Emilia the chance she needs to flee her fate and she grabs onto it with both hands. Armed with very little cash, few belongings and a letter that details a possible hope for her future, she ventures into a world she has been sheltered from and knows very little of. There she finds new friends, a job and a home she can feel safe in for the first time in her life, but what she really wants is family – someone to love her.
When she tracks down Nico, the brother she never knew existed, she finds that family she had always longed for, and so much more.
Lincoln, Parker and Jax – Nico’s brothers and teammates – are instantly attracted to Emilia from the moment they meet her, and she falls for them too. They make her feel safe and whole in a way she has never known and can’t explain. She wants them all – needs them – but these retired Navy SEALs are not men who share.
With her monsters close on her heels, a confusing attraction to three guys, and the trauma of her horror filled past making a normal life impossible, Emilia finds her new beginning isn’t all she had hoped it would be. She thought she had left behind the danger and fear of her past, but as it stalks closer she realizes she can never escape it. Will she be strong enough to
fight it with her new found family, and the men she is fast falling for, at her side?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 3. CHAPTER 1
  • 4. CHAPTER 2
  • 5. CHAPTER 3
  • 6. CHAPTER 4
  • 7. CHAPTER 5
  • 8. CHAPTER 6
  • 9. CHAPTER 7
  • 10. CHAPTER 8
  • 11. CHAPTER 9
  • 12. CHAPTER 10
  • 13. CHAPTER 11
  • 14. CHAPTER 12
  • 15. CHAPTER 13
  • 16. CHAPTER 14
  • 17. CHAPTER 15
  • 18. CHAPTER 16
  • 19. CHAPTER 17
  • 20. CHAPTER 18
  • 21. CHAPTER 19
  • 22. CHAPTER 20
  • 23. CHAPTER 21
  • 24. CHAPTER 22

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Love HarryPotter♡♡
Love HarryPotter♡♡

Can someone please upload the book series pieces of us by this author?

Replya month ago
    Tweety's Twitter
    Tweety's Twitter

    Can anyone let me know if she has multiple men at once?

    Reply3 months ago
    • Tweety's Twitter

      thank you for the information

      3 months ago
    • Love HarryPotter♡♡

      Yep. She has Parker, Jax and Linc interested in her. She also has a gay best friend Tyler

      3 months ago
    • Tweety's Twitter

      as in is it a harem type of situation?

      3 months ago