Every Little Thing by Lana Dash

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My son is the only guy in my life. At three, he takes first priority, and I’m always there for him.
But when my sexy new neighbor Trace moves in, there’s someone else on my mind…usually at night.
My plus-one for my friend’s wedding cancels on me the night before. I don’t want to go, but then…Trace offers to step in and be my date.
He’s only doing me a favor so I don’t look stupid. I’ve never been the kind of woman who attracts guys like him.
But the way he holds me close makes me think I might’ve been wrong all these years…

From the moment I lay eyes on Kate, I want her, but I never thought the curvy beauty next door would ever look my way.
When her date flakes on her, I jump at the chance to step in and replace him and show her what it’s like to have a real man at her side.
Her priority is her young son, and I respect that, because I respect her. There’s no room in her life for a guy like me.
But after one steamy night together, I can’t let her go.
I’ll do whatever it takes to show her I’m the man she needs in her life, and she’s the only woman for me.

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Table of Content

  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. 1. Trace
  • 5. 2. Kate
  • 6. 3. Trace
  • 7. 4. Kate
  • 8. 5. Trace
  • 9. 6. Kate
  • 10. 7. Trace
  • 11. 8. Kate
  • 12. Epilogue
  • 13. About the Author
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