Escorting Emma by Amelia C. Adams

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Emma Young came to Creede, Colorado, to work as the governess for the daughter of a wealthy mine owner. She’s treated better than she has been in other positions, and while she doesn’t have all the freedoms she would like, she believes she can be happy at this post and doesn’t feel the need for a family of her own – or even romance. Perhaps especially romance.
Dan McNeil suspects that something’s wrong at the mine where he works as the head of security. He’s received several reports of men trying to trespass one of the property lines, but he can’t imagine to what end.
When Dan is invited to his boss’s house and meets the new governess, he’s immediately drawn to her and wants to learn more about her, but she’s walled off her heart and refuses to let him near. Will a tragedy at the mine soften her heart and change her mind?

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