Enthrall by Sandra R Neeley


Vampires are often irresistibly sexy, powerful and misunderstood. Enthrall is all of those, and more. Being the leader of Whispers — a community of paranormals hidden deep within the south Louisiana swamps — is a difficult and lonely existence. He’s waited centuries to find his love, his mate. Then finally, when he’s all but given up, she’s there. Intelligent, beautiful and independent, she’s all he ever dreamed she’d be. He’s determined to sway her plans for the future, ensure that he’s the focus. There are just a couple of small problems. She has no idea he’s not human. And she’s dying, but she doesn’t even know it.
Felicity is an attorney at the top of her game. She’s fought her way to the top of a male-dominated profession and is proud to have finally achieved all her dreams. Along with that comes an executorship over Clara’s House — a shelter for women in need. She shares that position with the most alluring man she’s ever met. Despite her attempts to focus on her career, he haunts her dreams, steals her attention from anything other than himself. She’s decided she can have both. Until one evening she watches him from afar as he disappears before her eyes. He’s got secrets, and now she’s determined to find out what they are.
Felicity and Enthrall are undeniably drawn to one another. But still Enthrall hesitates to reveal himself to the tall, blonde beauty that holds his heart in the palm of her hands. His own humanity was stolen from him long ago, and he refuses to subject his mate to the same brutality. He must win her over, be sure that she loves him before he reveals himself to her and offers her forever at his side. The problem is, he’s running out of time. If he doesn’t claim her soon, it may be too late. Little does he know, forces are at work against them. All choices, and any chance at a future may be taken away from them. Can they survive the threats that surface unexpectedly from the shadows? Will forgiveness heal or resentment taint what could be the only thing either of them ever truly needed?

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  • File Nameenthrall-by-sandra-r-neeley.epub
  • Original TitleEnthrall (Whispers From the Bayou Book 3)
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  • IdentifierMOBI-ASIN:B07SPH2SLL
  • PublisherSandra R Neeley
  • Date2019-06-02T16:00:00+00:00
  • SubjectFantasy PNR Romance
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Table of Content

  • 1. Contents
  • 2. Cover Credit
  • 3. Title Page
  • 4. Copyright
  • 5. Dedication
  • 6. Introduction
  • 7. About This Book
  • 8. Prologue
  • 9. Chapter 1
  • 10. Chapter 2
  • 11. Chapter 3
  • 12. Chapter 4
  • 13. Chapter 5
  • 14. Chapter 6
  • 15. Chapter 7
  • 16. Chapter 8
  • 17. Chapter 9
  • 18. Chapter 10
  • 19. Chapter 11
  • 20. Chapter 12
  • 21. Chapter 13
  • 22. Chapter 14
  • 23. Chapter 15
  • 24. Chapter 16
  • 25. Chapter 17
  • 26. Chapter 18
  • 27. Chapter 19
  • 28. Chapter 20
  • 29. Chapter 21
  • 30. Chapter 22
  • 31. Chapter 23
  • 32. Chapter 24
  • 33. Chapter 25
  • 34. Epilogue
  • 35. From The Author
  • 36. About the Author
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