Ensnared by Claire Cullen

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Eager for a challenge to keep him out of trouble, Max goes undercover in the search for Griffin’s brother, Michael. But finding the omega and rescuing him are two very different things. When he learns Michael is about to be sold to Griffin’s enemies, Max has to do something before it’s too late.
There are worse lives than the one Michael is living. He gets to be close to his kids, Ryan and Eliot, who matter more to him than anything. He’ll do whatever he can to stay with them, even if it means playing nanny for the alpha and beta he’s a surrogate for, even when the resentful beta treats him no better than a slave. It’s all worth it to be with his boys.
When a new guard arrives at the house, Michael tries to keep out of his way and out of trouble. But trouble finds him all the same. Dragged unwillingly from his life by Max, he’s torn away from his kids with the promise of being reunited with his brothers. When Max is injured during the escape, Michael winds up trapped with a protective, near-feral bear in the middle of nowhere with no idea what to do next.
Max’s past and present collide when he’s injured, leaving a blank slate where his memory should be and a scared omega by his side. All he knows is that Michael is his to protect, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep him safe from the people chasing them.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Contents
  • 2. Ensnared
  • 3. Chapter One
  • 4. Chapter Two
  • 5. Chapter Three
  • 6. Chapter Four
  • 7. Chapter Five
  • 8. Chapter Six
  • 9. Chapter Seven
  • 10. Chapter Eight
  • 11. Chapter Nine
  • 12. Chapter Ten
  • 13. Chapter Eleven
  • 14. Chapter Twelve
  • 15. Chapter Thirteen
  • 16. Chapter Fourteen
  • 17. Chapter Fifteen
  • 18. Chapter Sixteen
  • 19. Chapter Seventeen
  • 20. Chapter Eighteen
  • 21. Chapter Nineteen
  • 22. Chapter Twenty
  • 23. Chapter Twenty-One
  • 24. Chapter Twenty-Two
  • 25. Chapter Twenty-Three
  • 26. Chapter Twenty-Four
  • 27. Chapter Twenty-Five
  • 28. Chapter Twenty-Six
  • 29. Chapter Twenty-Seven
  • 30. Chapter Twenty-Eight
  • 31. Chapter Twenty-Nine
  • 32. Chapter Thirty
  • 33. Chapter Thirty-One
  • 34. Chapter Thirty-Two
  • 35. Chapter Thirty-Three
  • 36. Epilogue
  • 37. Author's Note
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