Engaged in Deceit by Mara Magena


“It didn’t feel fake when your divine lips made my body tingle.”

I didn’t ask for the agony heaped upon me in one devastating training session. As a former all-star baseball player, Adrian opened a gym for badass athletes only, but the savage trainer was more than excited to pummel me into a sweaty mess.
I didn’t ask to be his fake fiance as part of a daring scheme to fool an investor. But he’s paying me 20 grand, a rock-solid investment in his brazen mind.
Finally, neither of us asked to be tempted by the intoxication of love. Both of us embraced our fulfilling careers as the secure, no risk prize. As the new fool in town, I didn’t need the pain of another toxic relationship. Adrian had no interest in repeating the nightmare from his horrific past.
Sometimes, life doesn’t care what you asked for.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Engaged in Deceit
  • 2. Hannah
  • 3. Adrian
  • 4. Hannah
  • 5. Adrian
  • 6. Hannah
  • 7. Adrian
  • 8. Hannah
  • 9. Hannah
  • 10. Adrian
  • 11. Adrian
  • 12. Hannah
  • 13. Adrian
  • 14. Hannah
  • 15. Adrian
  • 16. Hannah
  • 17. Adrian
  • 18. Hannah
  • 19. Adrian
  • 20. Hannah
  • 21. Hannah
  • 22. Epilogue
  • 23. Get Your FREE Extended Epilogue

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Jen Y
Jen Y · 3 months ago

the hostess who doesn't know them from Adam grilling them on the ring? C'mon. the characters were unnatural, people don't really talk like that and business hasn't been predicated on the image of being married in decades.

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