Dragon Lord by Crystal Dawn


Toreen looked for Cretia everywhere, but she wasn’t to be found. That reminded him of the advice he’d been given over and over. He knew he’d been pushing her away, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. Now she was gone and his dragon was going crazy. It was time to find her and there weren’t many places she could go. She would be brought back kicking and screaming over his shoulder if necessary. That female was his!
She’d had enough and she’d finally hit her limit. Her bag was packed and it held more than she’d ever had before. The hut she’d lived in previously was still hers to use and her pride wouldn’t allow her to stay here where she wasn’t truly wanted. All her life she’d dreamed of her fated mate only to find he was more flawed than she was. As she walked out of this life and back to her old one, she refused to look back. From now on it was all about the future.

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