Dmitry’s Redemption by Latrivia Welch

After killing a fellow Vor on the international council, who sought to hurt his family, billionaire Russian crime boss Dmitry Medlov becomes the target of his old mentor’s final death wish. A special hit team is tapped to carry out the assassination, but a simple mistake only leaves him wounded.

“You should have killed me when you had the chance. Now, I’m coming for you and there is not a damn thing anyone can do to save you.”

With a second chance to protect his family, the Medlov family crisis plan is activated, causing them to upend their lives completely. The women of the Medlov family are carted off to an undisclosed location, while the men head to declare war on one of their own. While trying to protect his family and appeal to his brotherhood, Dmitry is forced to deal with past demons, his own insecurities and his greatest fear – to lose control. However, his vulnerability might lead to making him an even stronger adversary, especially when his family and friends step up to protect the man who has always protected them.

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  • Original TitleDmitry's Redemption: Book One (The Medlov Men 7)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Chapter One
  • 2. Chapter Two
  • 3. Chapter Three
  • 4. Chapter Four
  • 5. Chapter Five
  • 6. Chapter Six
  • 7. Chapter Seven
  • 8. Chapter Eight
  • 9. Chapter Nine
  • 10. Chapter Ten
  • 11. Chapter Eleven
  • 12. Chapter Twelve
  • 13. Chapter Thirteen
  • 14. Chapter Fourteen
  • 15. Chapter Fifteen

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