Divine Assistant by Red Garnier

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Lucy Divine has her career perfectly mapped out, and a new job as assistant to renowned investor Patrick Holden is an extremely opportune place to start. But to Lucy’s surprise, her notorious new boss’s accomplishments are instantly overshadowed by his attitude. He’s arrogant and conceited and pleasing him is next to impossible! But even more disturbing is realizing that she “wants” to please him…in every way possible. Does his passion extend outside of the boardroom?

No one’s ever called Patrick Holden a sweetheart. If he’s anywhere in this world, it’s due to his fierce determination. A blonde, sexy bombshell assistant whose body is begging for a tumble is a distraction he can certainly do without – and one he’s hell bent on getting rid of. No assistant has ever lasted under the strain of his demands, but Lucy is proving to be the exception. She’s intelligent, resourceful, determined-and Patrick quickly realizes the only hostile takeover he’s interested in involves…his Divine assistant.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Copyright
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. 1. One
  • 4. 2. Two
  • 5. 3. Three
  • 6. 4. Four
  • 7. 5. Five
  • 8. About the Author
  • 9. Also by Red Garnier

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