Dark Dragon’s Wolf by Anastasia Wilde

Mayah, princess of the Draken House of Al-Maddeiri, has been haunted by ghosts for years. Visions, dreams, and nightmares—ghosts reaching out to her, begging her to save them.
But how do you save people who are already dead?
Tristan Barnes is supposed to be Mayah’s healer, reaching into her mind with his white wolf powers to fix the damage, slay the ghosts, and coax her lost dragon back out into the world.
It’s bad enough that he’s lost his professional distance and fallen head over paws for his sexy, feisty patient. Even worse, being near Mayah is opening up old wounds. His hard-won sanity and stability are slipping away, and the ghosts of his own past are coming back to haunt him—literally.
But what will happen when they find out they’re seeing the same ghosts—and that they aren’t really ghosts at all?
Tristan and Mayah will have to break all the rules, and face their own fears, to finally save the ghosts—and each other.

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