Daddy’s Little Obsession by Lila Fox

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Nia Langley finds herself on her own after her father dies. The only friend she has is Aleena, and she lives several states away in Arkansas, but she talks her into moving to be close to her and her daddy.

On the way, she finds herself in a predicament and thinks she’s getting arrested until Travis shows up to bring her home. On the way, they learn that they’re perfect for each other.

Now that Travis has her in his life, he has to keep her safe from several different people, including her drug-addicted brother. There’s no way he’s letting anyone hurt his little.

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bookworm ball2021
bookworm ball2021

same it is going the same thing to me

Reply3 months ago
    R A
    R A

    why cant i read books online now? can someone help?

    Reply3 months ago
    • Saffron Baker

      they've added a bunch of pop up ads that all browsers are blocking. try and unblock just the epub.

      3 months ago
    • Tini Stoessel

      Samee!!! Idk what happened...

      3 months ago