Cut by Tracey Ward

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Josh Stratford has been in love with Harlow his whole life. Growing up next door to the most beautiful girl in town sounds like a dream come true, but Harlow’s home-life was anything but a fairy tale. Josh saw the neglect, the abuse, and he did everything he could to be her shelter from that storm. To be the family Harlow had never known.

It’s been three years since he last saw her. Three years since she turned eighteen and rode away on the back of a motorcycle with a member of the Devil’s Due. It was both agony and relief to watch her go. To see her finally escape.
But now fate has brought them back together and the stakes are higher than ever. Josh is struggling to balance college, debt, and his ailing grandfather. Desperation has turned him to a life of crime; one the Devils want in on.

Harlow is telling him to walk away. To do something more with his life, to be better than this small town and the trap it’s laying for him. She’s in too deep already. She belongs to someone else. Nothing good can come of Josh joining the club, but he’s already let Harlow go once. There’s no way in hell he can do it again.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Chapter One
  • 3. Chapter Two
  • 4. Chapter Three
  • 5. Chapter Four
  • 6. Chapter Five
  • 7. Chapter Six
  • 8. Chapter Seven
  • 9. Chapter Eight
  • 10. Chapter Nine
  • 11. Chapter Ten
  • 12. Chapter Eleven
  • 13. Chapter Twelve
  • 14. Chapter Thirteen
  • 15. Chapter Fourteen
  • 16. Chapter Fifteen
  • 17. Chapter Sixteen
  • 18. Chapter Seventeen
  • 19. Chapter Eighteen
  • 20. Chapter Nineteen
  • 21. Chapter Twenty
  • 22. Chapter Twenty-One
  • 23. Chapter Twenty-Two
  • 24. Chapter Twenty-Three
  • 25. Chapter Twenty-Four
  • 26. Chapter Twenty-Five
  • 27. Chapter Twenty-Six
  • 28. Chapter Twenty-Seven
  • 29. Chapter Twenty-Eight
  • 30. Chapter Twenty-Nine
  • 31. Chapter Thirty
  • 32. Chapter Thirty-One
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