Crave by Vivian Lux

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One taste of her has us craving more.

I’m a chef, but it’s Bee that’s got me feeling the heat.
My fierce little baker has got curves as sweet and sinful as her cupcakes.
And her buns are to die for.
She’s perfect and I crave perfection.
But Finn craves her too.

Jackson and I are business partners and best friends.
We’re used to working together.
And we swore a long time ago that we would never compete over a woman.
But Bee is driving us crazy.
Sweet cream and honey buns aren’t the only thing we want to taste.

We’re not going to fight over her.
We’re much better as a team.
We’re going to bring this little baker to her knees.
She’s gonna crave us…together.

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Majestic @rtist
Majestic @rtist

Steamy and cute.

Reply11 days ago