Cowboy Bodyguard by Scarlett Winters

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This cowboy is tough, but can he beat a murderer?

I’m trying to help my dear friend Amy, see the light about her terrible boyfriend Joey, when things take a dramatic turn. I can never let go of what I saw him do. I knew he was a monster but, I never would have guessed a murderer. Now I’m off to witness protection and my protector is a cowboy in Wyoming. They say he’s the best, I sure hope so.

I’ve never gotten over the brutal death of my partner. He was a great man, every since I’ve looked for his killer with no luck. I’m taken back there when I get a call about a fire and a witness that saw everything. Could that be the same man that killed my partner all these years ago? Then I see Lizzie, she’s perfect, no one will hurt her you can bank on that.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Join my Facebook group!
  • 3. Chapter 1~Lizzie
  • 4. Chapter 2~Lizzie
  • 5. Chapter 3~Jack
  • 6. Chapter 4~Lizzie
  • 7. Chapter 5~Jack
  • 8. Chapter 6~Lizzie
  • 9. Chapter 7~Jack
  • 10. Chapter 8~Lizzie
  • 11. Chapter 9~Jack
  • 12. Chapter 10~Lizzie
  • 13. Chapter 11~Jack
  • 14. Chapter 12~Epilogue
  • 15. More Books By Scarlett Winters:
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