Cosmic Captor by Stella Cassy

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I’ve never known Earth. Or freedom. Both were taken from me when I was too young to remember. But I know exactly what the latest alien scumbags to buy me have in mind, the moment I hear the word “fertile.”Desperation’s the mother of invention, and one easily seduced guard later, I’m escaping to finally live on my own terms. To find my mom, my one connection to a planet I’ll probably never see. The only person who’s ever given a damn about me. It’s all that keeps me going. The source of every last drop of energy I eke out of this miserable existence, when I have so many reasons to just give up and fade away.Like my crap luck. Reason infinity why I should just pop out the airlock of my stolen ship and say “Sayonara universe, PS you suck.”My first escape attempt that’s ever resulted in an actual escape, and I run smack into one of the most infamous dragon shapeshifters in the galaxy. But I haven’t come this far just to give up. I escaped once, I can do it again. And no smug, self-impressed alien edgelord is going to stop me. Even if he is so mind scorchingly hot it makes my brain bleed to think of choosing to deprive myself of the eye candy. The universe had years to try and keep me down. You think one little dragon’s gonna do any better?Fine. One really big dragon. Whatever. Bring it.

We dragons are a simple people, with simple philosophies. Like why ask for something you can simply take?
The rest of the galaxy tends to be too busy fleeing from us in terror to answer that, so I assume they agree.
Until Carissa Maeberry.The most baffling creature in existence, she doesn’t seem to get how this works. I have claws. Fire. A ruthless crew. She has an admittedly tragic backstory and a slave collar. The scales aren’t exactly balanced.And yet to see her defiance, you’d think she held all the cards. It’s absurd and breath-taking all at once. Which is why when others try and take my rarest of treasures from me, I must protest. Vigorously.I did mention the claws and fire and ruthless crew, did I not?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. 1. All The Ways Life Sucks
  • 4. 2. Winners and Losers
  • 5. 3. Formulate a Plan
  • 6. 4. Through the Bars
  • 7. 5. Battle of Wills
  • 8. 6. Limited Freedom
  • 9. 7. Hot Dragon Sex
  • 10. 8. Betrayed
  • 11. 9. Epiphany
  • 12. 10. Claiming My Mate
  • 13. 11. Tough Choices
  • 14. 12. Freedom Is A State Of Mind
  • 15. 13. Fierce Female
  • 16. 14. A Shot in the Dark
  • 17. 15. Fighting the Good Fight
  • 18. 16. Fighting In His Stead
  • 19. 17. Bedside Vigil
  • 20. Epilogue
  • 21. Cosmic Captor
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Rhonda Terrell
Rhonda Terrell

I enjoyed this book through it does deal with dark tones in the universe of this book. She's not the first author I've read with this concept that humans are slaves because they are the weaker race. Because the "Verse" in this book our h - Carissa's Mom was a slave and her Mom begged not to kill her child so Carissa grew up sold to many owners. As Carissa got older they found out that humans were excellent breeders and Carissa was marked a brooder by her owners, The Pax. Carissa heard horror stories of what happens to breeders so she escapes from her new owner by stealing a starship and on her escape was captured by Tarion .Tarion, a buccaneer/ dragon shifter, who's the commander of his ship considers Carissa as part as his bounty, but is attracted to her because of her spunk. He locks her up and comes to talk with her and they get closer. Can Tarion trust Carissa not to run, can he persuade her to become "His Brooder"?

Replya year ago