Cloud Storm by Susana Mohel

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From the international bestselling author Susana Mohel comes a new standalone, enemies to lovers, love story.

Everyone has a nemesis.
He became mine.
Sure, he’s charming to the naked eye.
The perfect suit-wearing gentleman, scorching hot, as if he walked straight off a magazine cover.
But anyone with a brain knows better.
I know better.
He’s arrogant, full of himself.
A dream crusher.
So, why can’t I focus when I’m in his presence?
Why does the control I worked so hard for vanish at the sound of his voice?
Living in a storm I’m looking for my rainbow, and he, he is the sun who makes it possible.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Music to walk in the clouds
  • 2. Acknowledgements
  • 3. About the Author
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