Christmas With Four Firemen by K.C. Crowne

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Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for a hot fireman?
Heroic. Brave. And an expert in using his… hose.
Not to mention those damn sexy pants… I can’t get enough.
Now multiply that by four and you have a Christmas gift fit for a queen.
I’m a firefighter.
The only female in my house.
And I’m turned on by my squad.
Austin the Chief who likes to take control.
Wes the giant teddy bear.
Luke the hot nerdy stats guy.
And Owen the rich romantic.
This Christmas, the fire burning in my heart might be hot enough to scorch us all.
Secrets unfold. Truths are brought to light. Come on Santa, you know what I’ve been wishing for.
I’ve been a good girl…. well…mostly.

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  • Original Title:Christmas With Four Firemen: A Reverse Harem Romance (Spencer Sisters Book 2)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. 1. Sarah
  • 5. 2. Austin
  • 6. 3. Sarah
  • 7. 4. Austin
  • 8. 5. Owen
  • 9. 6. Austin
  • 10. 7. Luke
  • 11. 8. Wes
  • 12. 9. Sarah
  • 13. Beauty and The Beard Preview
    • Prologue
    • 1. Cole
  • 14. Men on a Mission Preview
    • Prologue
    • 1. Mallory

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K_ itten
K_ itten

😕 skip it... I’ve never accused any Reverse Harem book of being boring before.. but this one was very, Very boring 😕 one shower scene, & last half of last chapter was ok/good, but otherwise- skip it!!!

Reply3 days ago