Captured by You by Beth Kery

Her capture will set her free…

Aussie playboy, world traveler and landscape photographer Chance Hathoway recognizes a miracle of nature when he sees it. He comes upon her unaware, swimming in the nude. Camera in hand, his instinct is to capture her ripe, naked abandon. But he longs to possess more than just her image…

When Sherona Legion suddenly discovers that she’s being watched at her most vulnerable she’s surprised at her reaction. It’s not embarrassment or anger. It’s pure, unabashed arousal. She likes it—enough so that she’s willing to take an unprecedented risk with the sexy photographer.

Thrilled at having the exhibitionist in her awakened, she agrees to Chance’s offer to pose for a series of nude photographs—stimulating tableaus of bondage. It leads Chance and Sherona to intimate and unparalleled experimentation. But how much is Sherona really ready to give to a complete stranger? And how much more can Chance take?

Book Details

  • File Namecaptured-by-you-by-beth-kery.epub
  • Original TitleCaptured By You: One Night of Passion Book 3
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  • IdentifierURN:ISBN:9781472200549
  • PublisherEternal Romance
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Table of Content

  • 1. Cover
  • 2. Title Page
  • 3. Copyright Page
  • 4. Contents Page
  • 5. About the Author
  • 6. Praise for Beth Kery
  • 7. Also by Beth Kery
  • 8. About the Novella
  • 9. Chapter One
  • 10. Chapter Two
  • 11. Chapter Three
  • 12. Chapter Four
  • 13. Chapter Five
  • 14. Chapter Six
  • 15. Chapter Seven
  • 16. Chapter Eight
  • 17. Chapter Nine
  • 18. Chapter Ten
  • 19. Preview of Exposed to You
  • 20. Bonus excerpt of ONLY FOR YOU
  • 21. The One Night of Passion series
  • 22. Find Out More About Headline Eternal

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