Captured and Claimed by Jude Gray

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She’s abducted from Earth and sold into slavery. Can love break the chains that bind her?
Grabbed from the street in broad daylight, Briony is soon sold to a cruel alien leader who needs human women for a very specific purpose.
They must “recharge” the vicious warriors he forces to fight in his arena.
Given to the best fighter in the section, she finds she has arrived in the middle of a secret escape plan.
She is surprised to find herself attaching to the handsome alien fighter, and puts everything she can into their risky run for freedom.
Will she make it out alive?
Will she make it out unchanged?
Absolutely not.

  • File Name:captured-and-claimed-by-jude-gray.epub
  • Original Title:Captured and Claimed: An Alien Abduction Romance Series (Savage Warriors Book 1)
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  • Language:en
  • Identifier:MOBI-ASIN:B07W6S1TV3
  • Publisher:UNKNOWN
  • Date:2019-08-05T16:00:00+00:00
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