Burning Up by Ashton Cade

The Rainiers are one big happy family. That is, except for me. I keep to myself mostly. When I learned that you can’t always trust the people who are supposed to take care of you, I did my best never to rely on anyone.
Except for my stable full of horses. They always understand. That’s why I started a therapy program for kids who have issues, like me — I know the horses can help them too.
When Jason walks in to the paddock, all the parts of me I thought were dead suddenly come alive with a vengeance. I’ve never been with a man before — never risked it — but I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anyone. Whenever he’s around I feel as wild and free as a young stallion, but just as easy to spook. Can I let someone in? Will he break me?

I’m taking care of my sister’s kid, so I’m pretty much a single dad. And that’s wonderful, but it also means I have baggage. I’m just learning what it is to be the main support for someone as alone as Emily. So when moody, brooding Sawyer begins to teach us about horses, we’re also learning to love. He’s more man than I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I’m a firefighter. Over six feet of the kind of muscle you can only get by doing hard work, perfectly faded jeans and boots, and the kind of stormy eyes that make me want to never let him go. But I’m part of a package deal these days. My needs come second. Can I trust him to be the man we need?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. 1. Sawyer
  • 5. 2. Jason
  • 6. 3. Sawyer
  • 7. 4. Jason
  • 8. 5. Sawyer
  • 9. 6. Jason
  • 10. 7. Sawyer
  • 11. 8. Jason
  • 12. 9. Sawyer
  • 13. 10. Jason
  • 14. 11. Sawyer
  • 15. 12. Jason
  • 16. 13. Sawyer
  • 17. 14. Jason
  • 18. 15. Sawyer
  • 19. 16. Jason
  • 20. 17. Sawyer
  • 21. 18. Jason
  • 22. 19. Sawyer
  • 23. 20. Jason
  • 24. 21. Sawyer
  • 25. Epilogue
  • 26. Excerpt from Breaking In
  • 27. About the Author
  • 28. Also by Ashton Cade

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