Brother’s Fireman Friend by Flora Ferrari

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My brother’s best friend is one hot fireman, and the hottest older man this younger woman has ever seen.

It’s the first time I’ve ever felt this way about anyone, but just as things heat up and I’m truly ready to give my first time to him, trouble from my past finds me, and this isn’t the first time either…and if I don’t keep running it won’t be the last.

With trouble on my tail, and thoughts that my brother is growing more suspicious of what’s really going on between my brother’s best friend and I by the day, is it better to give up hope that true love, and peace, exit for me in this small town?

Or to my surprise, will my older man firefighter show me that despite his own troubled past, and the many daring rescues he’s made before, this fireman isn’t about to let what we have go up in flames, as he saves his greatest moment of courage just for me, making me his…forever?

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