Broken by Jenny Wood


Dalton Davis answers his phone, expecting it to be a prank call from a number that’s eerily similar to his. When the man pretends he knows him and has a one-sided conversation that proves his suspicion correct, he almost ends the call. The fast thinking of the stranger on the other end of the line likely saves his life, but what will Dalton find when he gets there?

Kannon Butler is an old soul. Working at an old folks home, his friends are his clients and he’s okay with that. Being attacked in broad daylight just doesn’t happen in their small town, except this day, it does. To him. Quick thinking and a prayer, he ends up on the line with Dalton Davis, who quite literally saves his life.

Healing and living are a struggle after being attacked, but Dalton can’t seem to stay away and Kannon doesn’t want him to. With an amazing family who takes him under their wing, and a gorgeous private investigator that makes it his mission to find out who hurt Kannon, what do you think happens?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Chapter: One Dalton
  • 2. Chapter: Two Dalton
  • 3. Chapter: Three Kannon
  • 4. Chapter: Four Dalton
  • 5. Chapter: Five Kannon
  • 6. Chapter: Six Dalton
  • 7. Chapter: Seven Kannon
  • 8. Chapter: Eight Dalton
  • 9. Chapter: Nine Kannon
  • 10. Chapter: Ten Dalton
  • 11. Chapter: Eleven Kannon
  • 12. Chapter: Twelve Dalton
  • 13. Chapter: Thirteen Kannon
  • 14. Chapter: Fourteen Dalton
  • 15. Chapter: Fifteen Kannon
  • 16. Chapter: Sixteen Dalton
  • 17. Chapter: Seventeen Kannon
  • 18. Chapter: Eighteen Dalton
  • 19. Chapter: Nineteen Kannon
  • 20. Chapter: Twenty Epilogue Dalton

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