Breaking Her Curves by Bella B. Wilde

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As soon as I lay my eyes on Casey Hill, all my plans change.
I never wanted to return to Newburgh. This place never felt like home.
But now, looking at Casey? I’m feeling ready to settle down wherever she is.
She’s already got me obsessed, but the red hot curvy goddess is as cold as ice.
She tells me she doesn’t date, and I can see she means it.
Good. That means she’ll be mine to break and mine to claim, forever and for always.

Smith Henry isn’t the kind of guy you usually find around town, despite his name.
He’s a beast of a man. With arms covered in tattoos, he sticks out like a sore thumb.
And he says he wants me, and he doesn’t care how far he has to chase me.
He’ll have a hell of a sprint then. I have my rules. I don’t date. Ever.
So why do I want to give in to his bad-boy charms? I should be running for the hills.
Because I’m afraid if he catches me, he’ll never let go.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Smith
  • 2. Casey
  • 3. Before You Go...
  • 4. Also by Bella B. Wilde
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