Born to be Broken by Addison Cain

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Claire has a score to settle.

Unwilling mate to the brute who viciously conquered her city, she has once again escaped from her Alpha. Hardened by betrayal, cold as the ice outside the Dome, Claire becomes the mission. The Omegas must be freed, no matter the cost.

The price on her head will not deter her; after all, mated and subjugated her life no longer retains value. She can’t eat, she can’t sleep, and she’s running out of time before the inevitable end.

For once, Shepherd finds himself facing an adversary he cannot simply crush, the situation far out of his depth. Desperate to draw his mate back, racked and restless, he is forced to acknowledge that his pregnant Omega is willing to sacrifice her life for her false notion of a greater good.

He holds the key to her compliance and his dying mate’s survival—all he must do is give her exactly what she wants.

Born to be Broken is the second book in Addison Cain’s bestselling Alpha’s Claim trilogy, an unabashedly dark tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange. If you enjoy gritty fiction and suspense that sticks long after you’ve finished reading, this series is not to be missed.

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Remy A
Remy A

I was halfway through the 3rd book when I went back to read the reviews on the 3rd book. I was becoming suspicious of how the ending would be when I saw many reviewers mentioning there was no ending to the story of Shepherd and Claire.

Halfway through the 3rd book, I went to the last chapter and the epilogue and yes, there is NO ending.

Reading the books was a difficult task. Lots of violence and questionable sex. So I did expect a reprieve for suffering through the story. It just didn't happen and I can't believe so many readers thought the ending was satisfying.

I fail to understand why any author would pen 3 books, written in so much detail, only to leave the reader wondering what happened to the hero/heroine. I am beyond angry and will NEVER read another book by this author.

Reply9 days ago