Blue-Collar Christmas by D. Lilac

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Everyone has that certain someone in their past that they never want to see again…mine is Ford Jacobs.
On a two-lane road in Texas, on a freezing cold, rainy night I’m stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and who shows up to help me? Ford freaking Jacobs!
I’ve spent the last decade running a multi-million dollar company while he’s worked twelve-hour days at a blue-collar job. Lucky for me, he’s still the dirty talking, possessive man I remember who turns me on more than ever. Ford isn’t so sure his blue-collar lifestyle fits into my upper class world.
I walked out on him ten years ago, but will I be able to get over him when he walks out on me?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Dolly
  • 2. Ford
  • 3. Dolly
  • 4. Ford
  • 5. Dolly
  • 6. Ford
  • 7. Dolly
  • 8. Ford
  • 9. Dolly
  • 10. Ford
  • 11. Curves for Christmas Series
  • 12. About D. Lilac
  • 13. Note to the Reader

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