Bliss by Liz Meldon

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When you know you’re going to be late for an appointment with your Dom, you stow your tears, steel your nerves—and take whatever punishment you deserve.

Lydia Warlow, advertising exec who runs her office with an iron fist, learned long ago that the secret to surviving such a demanding career was to find her bliss. For some, it’s alcohol, others a solo weekend retreat to a cabin in the woods. But for Lydia, nothing relaxes her more than her Friday night sessions with Reid Jameson, gorgeous Dom-for-hire.

A tyrant in the workplace, but a submissive in the bedroom, Lydia looks forward to her weekly appointments more than anything. However, when an error made by her two assistants has her running almost an hour late, her heartrate spikes, her palms sweat, and her mouth goes dry.

Because if there’s one thing she knows for certain, it’s that you don’t break the rules. Punctuality is key with a Dom like Reid—and tonight, Lydia has committed a cardinal sin.

She must be disciplined accordingly.

BLISS is classified as a standalone erotic short story, part of the Erotic Short Shorts series. It features bondage and discipline (BDSM) play between two consenting partners, and may not be suitable for all readers.

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