Blind by Lydia Michaels

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nerd: /nərd/ (n.) : A single-minded, sophisticated individual who is often unsatisfied with anything less than mastery when pertaining to a subject of interest. (e.g. The girl that broke his heart.)

Scarlet Farrow is disappointed—and a little drunk—after another disastrous blind date. Motivated by too much merlot and too little sex, she journals a longwinded rant questioning where all the real men have gone. By bottle two, she mistakes the tirade for quality journalism and submits it to the local newspaper. When the paper publishes her drivel, exposing her deepest secrets and leaving her mortified, she swears off wine, writing and dating. Having swum in the dating cesspool too long, she’s saddest about the wine.

Asher Roan has earned a fortune as the co-creator of a social media network, but his wealth tends to be all women see. Uninterested in a hollow imitation of love, he avoids dating as a rule. He trusted a female with his heart once, and she pulverized it, an experience he’s never gotten over or been able to move past.

When Asher reads Scarlet’s editorial tender feelings resurface and he confronts the opportunity of a lifetime. Utilizing the resources at his disposal, he diligently researches what women want as he embarks on a personal transformation from geeky introvert to sophisticated alpha male, delivering the performance of a lifetime. His only condition…she must come to him on his terms and her trust—BLIND.

Fantasies blur the line of reality as both Asher and Scarlet yearn to see the truth after so many secrets have been left in the dark.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Chapter One The Letter
  • 3. Chapter Two
  • 4. Chapter Three Stimulation
  • 5. Chapter Four Enchantment
  • 6. Chapter Five Discipline
  • 7. Chapter Six Anticipation
  • 8. Chapter Seven Sensory
  • 9. Chapter Eight Exposure
  • 10. Chapter Nine Body Language
  • 11. Chapter Ten Reflection
  • 12. Chapter Eleven Vulnerability
  • 13. Chapter Twelve “ O ”
  • 14. Chapter Thirteen Control
  • 15. Chapter Fourteen Comprehension
  • 16. Chapter Fifteen Hunger
  • 17. Chapter Sixteen Gratification
  • 18. Chapter Seventeen Capitulation
  • 19. Chapter Eighteen Despair
  • 20. Chapter Nineteen Hindsight
  • 21. Chapter Twenty What Big Eyes You Have
  • 22. Chapter Twenty - One Memories
  • 23. Epilogue
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